The Theoria Standard of Care
State of the Art Technology, State of the Art Care
Theoria at a Glance
Theoria Medical is a mission-driven medical group that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and establishing a new normal in healthcare, particularly in post-acute care.
Theoria leverages  technology  in its practice to improve the workflow and efficiency of its medical staff, which in turn allows the team to focus on what is most important: the patient.
As an extremely  patient-centered  company, every action Theoria takes is with the best interest of the patient in mind. We emphasize this patient-centered model throughout all of our technical development, clinical staff education, clinical training, sales calls, conversations with payers, and more.
Theoria offers  multifarious services  tailored to many stakeholders in the U.S. healthcare system - from post-acute care facilities, hospital systems, EMS providers, and payers, Theoria offers solutions to improve operations and outcomes in a fiscally responsible manner. Solutions such as telemedicine, medical management with machine learning, proprietary EHR software, and specialty services across diverse settings allow Theoria to promote care coordination and superb medical management across the care continuum.
Our background
Dr. Justin Di Rezze,  a hospitalist by training, founded Theoria after witnessing the consistently poor care that is delivered in post-acute care by the medical staff. He envisioned a great opportunity to improve care in this setting by delivering hospital quality of care and weaving technology into workflows and clinical care. Ever since, Theoria has expanded to provide a multitude of services that include specialty care and high-tech solutions that are available for post-acute care facilities, hospitals, EMS programs, and payers.
Mission Statement
Theoria Medical is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care with high tech solutions to improve workflows and outcomes while reducing costs on the health care system. The Theoria team is tasked to completely reestablish what is considered "normal" in healthcare, and all of Theoria's staff works fervently each day to further the same.
We are the fastest growing medical group based in Michigan providing a multitude of services to improve quality of care in various settings leveraging state of the art technology to support us in our pursuit of excellence.